What is Grizaye?

Grizaye (pronounced griz-EYE) is a new art brand that started with an idea to crate a drawing kit to help artists improve their colored pencil skills by working on top of a grayscale image printed on highquality paper. With success, we have continued to expand the brand to include more kits and art supplies to accelerate artistic growth.


Can I use solvents with your kits?
We have found that Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS) work well on the Grizaye sheets included with our kits and, unlike water, will not activate the Grizaye ink. We recommend testing in a small area first as we have not tested across all brands. Gamblin works great, but Holbein Meltz is to be avoided!
What is the lightfast ratings for your colored pencils?
We currently do not have lightfast results for our Grizaye colored pencils. We do not make any claims but are confident that you will find them similar to other colored pencils at this price point.
Is your paper acid free?
Yes! Our Grizaye images are printed 100% cotton Legion Stonehenge paper which is acid, chlorine, and lignin free. Visit their web site for more information at Legion Paper.
Can I enter my art in a competition?
Most likely not. COLORED PENCIL Magazine challenges and competitions do not allow you to enter artwork over underpaintings. Read though the qualifications of the competition you are entering first, and contact them with any questions before submitting and paying any entry fees.
Do I have the rights to my finished art?
YES! Our exclusive royalty-free images were taken specifically for these kits, so you can be confident to sell, share, or post your artwork with no credit-back to us required. However, repoducing the uncolored Grizaye image or photograph is stricktly forbidden under penalty of law!
What is your return / refund policy?

Damaged Items: Received a damaged item? Email us within 30 days, with a photo of the damage if possible, at hello@grizaye.com for a replacement item. Broken pencil tips are excluded from eligibility.

Lost Items: Send your valid shipping address with your receipt or order number, to hello@grizaye.com for a replacement after 30 days.