A lovely rainbow of shiny glass! Let me tell you all about this kit, give you some insider tips, and what makes it extra special.


I had the idea for this kit for a long time because I love seeing those renderings of transparent glass. With this image, you get these bright colors that, when placed in front of one another, blend to create even more shades. It’s also a great exercise in drawing highlights and distorted glass.

I always say that these drawing kits are NOT coloring pages but are more like an under sketch to help guide you, but you have to do the work, and it’s going to take many hours to complete! With that being said, this piece is not as hard as it might look. I know when I first started, and I was afraid I was in over my head – after all, this is not by normal subject matter. I quickly realized that if you just follow the patterns and take it one vase at a time, it is very satisfying.


Colorful Glass



I always work left to right, but on this one, the easier bottles & vases are actually on the right, so if you start there, you can work up your strategy and gain the confidence to tackle those more complex ones.

If you want to actually have this exact set of vases to draw from in real life, it is available on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3Symmsj. This is an affiliate link


What makes this kit, so extra great is that the colors we selected are the perfect starter 12-piece colored pencil set. It has all the primary and secondary colors, plus an extra blue and greens, plus the necessary brown, black and white. Perfect for using on ANY project once you are done, and allows you to test how fantastic these Grizaye colored pencils really are!

Karissa Leigh has put together a Draw-Along Class that you are really going to enjoy. She will give you some great tips and draw each bottle with you as you listen to soft, soothing music and gentle instruction. You can’t get a workshop this affordable anywhere, and you can watch it as many times as you’d like!

 Karissa Leigh with Colorful Glass

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