We are always looking for fun and interesting items to add to our store. Let me show you some of the accessories we found and why we think you will be interested in them. Sometimes we special order, and other times, we come across a bargain with a very limited supply and can’t even advertise it, so check back often to see what’s new!


First, we have a new Embossing Tools with colorful crystals inside. This set of five is double-ended, so you actually get ten tip sizes. The different colors will help you know which tool is your favorite for quick grabbing. If you don’t know what an embossing tool you can check out the embossing demo down below.

Next, we could not keep our Hake Brushes in stock and decided to buy a larger amount of the eight reed brushes. These can be used for painting, but I use them for brushing away colored pencil crumbs. This seems to be the perfect size and is super soft so as not to grind in the pencil on your paper. I know you will never use anything else once you try this brush!

Hake Brush


Our newest product is the Everlast Pencils. This pencil has the perfect hardness for sketching. It is light enough to erase fully and will allow you to draw over top but what makes this really special is that you don’t need to sharpen it to always have a sharp point! This coreless pencil boasts to replace up to 100 pencils with its graphite tip and you get a pack of two for a crazy low price!



We haven’t even promoted our Stencil Brush Set before it sold out but we have some back again. These come in a set with 3 different sizes, so you might wonder why they would even be in the store. Perhaps we will have a demo on these soon, but basically, they are great for soft blending – with or without a solvent such as Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits.


Speaking of Gamsol, we also have this in our store and run low on this regularly as well. Why Gamsol? Because based on our testing, it’s the best way to dissolve Grizaye colored pencils. Just a dab turns your pencil into colored pencil paint without drying too quickly. You can also reactivate it! It does such a smooth job that you might go crazy using it on all your drawings. The great thing is – it is Grizaye Kit friendly, so you have no worries about the grayscale image washing away or the paper buckling if you use it reasonably. This paper is tough, so it can take quite a punch! Buy it from us, and you get two brushes – a fine point and a flat brush!

Gamsol with Brushes

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