We have done it! We created colored charcoal pencils and with it a line of products that we know you will be anxious to try. It’s unlike any pencils you’ve used before but no worries, we’ve got you covered by making it fun and easy to explore and create some amazing art and MASTER A NEW MEDIUM!


Let’s start with the star of the show – the Grizaye Colored Charcoal Pencils. We are starting off with 12 bright colors that are remarkable to blend to make unlimited colors that you will love. Did we mention that they are watersoluble? They turn into the most delightful paint when you add water or even mineral spirits to them, making them easy to partner with almost any other medium and especially our oil-based colored pencils.


Next, we knew we had to give you some great paper to work on and quickly noticed that there weren’t many options out there so we partnered with Legion Paper to bring you an Ultra Black and the duo-sided Coventry White paper. The black makes your colors pop off the page and both lay down smooth without that cringe feeling that chalk can give you when used on the wrong surface.





How about some useful tools? We got you covered by putting together a Blender Sharpening Set that will keep everything at your finger-tips.



Since these Colored Charcoal Pencils are watersoluble, we figured we better set you up with a great set of Waterbrush Pens in 6 different sizes with a large liquid capacity to make it super simple to blend on the spot and take with you by just capping. This is also brilliant for Odorless Mineral Spirits to allow you to blend Grizaye Colored Pencils too!


We thought we were finished with the accessories but realized that you could really use some Frosted Glassine Paper under your hand, over your work, and in between art to keep everything nice and clean and protected! All acid-free to make sure it is archival safe.

Now that we have all these amazing new products, we brought it all together in a new Charcoal Drawing Kit so you could jump in and start playing and creating and what was a better subject than a striking tiger portrait?! Your results will be impressive, but to make it next-level, get the Draw Along Class and support resident artist Karissa Leigh!



Check back often because we have more unique art items coming your way soon.