Burnisher Blender


Pack of 2 Premium Colorless Burnisher Blenders. Use on top of colored pencils to fill in the tooth of the paper. Apply as a base for a painterly look. Use to blend and intensify colors and create smooth edges. Minimal wax residue means more layers!

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2 Premium Colorless Burnisher Blender Pencils
3.8mm Break-Resistant Core
For use on any and all wax- and oil-based colored pencils


"I teach drawing classes, and I always recommend that my students use these blender pencils to smooth together their strokes on their colored pencil drawings. This enhances the attractiveness of the piece." - (California Art Teacher)

"I have to say...a pleasant surprise! Not only does it do a good job of blending, the lack of excessive wax allows color to be added easily to the areas already blended. The Grizaye Burnisher Blender has equal parts strength, quality, and elegance. Props to you Grizaye Art " - Jesse of Sugah Sweet (Professional Artist)

"I was pleasantly surprised to see that with the Grizaye pencils, the Grizaye blender actually works better than the Caran d'Ache blender. The Caran d'Ache blender has a much more waxy feel. While the Grizaye Blender isn't as scratchy as the Prismacolor blender, it does feel rougher than the Caran d'Ache. Even with the Prismacolor pencils, the Grizaye Blender still worked great." - Emily Illustrator