As Editor-in-Chief of COLORED PENCIL Magazine for the past 13+ years, I have worked with thousands of artists, tested every blender as it became available, and even sold blender test sets from almost every maker on our website so artists could explore which blender they liked best for their work.

In that time, through feedback and testing, I learned what qualities were optimal for a burnisher and for a blender and worked with our team towards making the only pencils that incorporate both.

Our Burnisher Blender pencil has the perfect mixture of wax to spread your colored pencil pigment around without a wax build-up, allowing you to continue to layer, even after applying. A downside to waxier blenders is they can fade your colors and cause a bloom or haze on top of your work. Our blender will instead enrich your colors when applied!




Burnishing is done by filling in the paper’s surface, known as the tooth, making a solid area of color. When applied first, the burnisher gives a beautiful painterly effect, all while being able to use colored pencils on top, which is especially important when you still need to render the details.

The blender seamlessly transition two or more colors smoothly allowing you to create a new colors and soften edges.


  • Convienient 2-Pack
  • 3.8mm Break-Resistant Core
  • Hexagonal, No-Roll Design
  • Pre-Sharpened
  • For Use with Oil and Wax-Based Colored Pencils

I can’t wait for you to try the Burnisher Blender for yourself, and I would love to hear your feedback. I know you are going to find this to be a must-have in your art supply arsenal!  View the video below.