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Large Drawing Kit: Tea Time

Large Drawing Kit: Tea Time

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Create this large 11×14″ Tea Time still-life scene and improve your colored pencil techniques for rendering multiple surfaces and textures.

Level 3: Advanced | Ages: 12+

How it Works: Draw on top of a gray-toned image printed on high-quality Legion Stonehenge Paper using the set of Grizaye Velvet Touch Colored Pencils that match the colors in the image. Follow the photo reference, color guide, and instructions. You can also add watch the video class free and turn it into a workshop! 

Kit Includes:
• 1 Grizaye Image on 11x14″ Legion Stonehenge Warm White Paper
• 1 Royalty-Free Photo Reference
• 4 Close-Up Photos
• Color Guide
• Step-by-Step
• Legion Mini Pad
• Pencil Sharpener
• Pencil Case
• 18 Grizaye Velvet Touch Colored Pencils:

011 Light Peach
012 Blush
016 Fuchsia
018 Raw Umber
019 Ochre
020 Jasmine
023 Yellow
026 Grass
031 Kelp
055 Mauve
057 Orchid
058 Raspberry
059 Pomegranate
061 Chestnut
062 Henna
068 Warm Gray
071 Gray
072 White 

Bundle: Includes kit plus a single 11x14" Grizaye Image on Legion Stonehenge Warm White Paper. Perfect for drawing with a friend or to try again.

WATCH THE DEMO! Although this kit is now updated with new colors, we think you will still find great value in this free YouTube video class.

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